As well as my personal review of a book, I also include a rating. I rate the books I review in 2 ways, I review by colour and stars.

My colour rate consists of 3 colour and this is what I think of the writing.

Pink   - Not written well for the audience. Slow throughout the book, not very captivating.
Blue   - Well written for the audience, captivating in places although hard to read in chapters/parts.
Green - Brilliantly written for the audience. Captures the audience and good techniques used.

I rate on a scale of 1 - 5 stars and this is what I think of the book overall.

1 - Not my type of book.
2 - O.K.
3 - Good
4 - Excellent
5 - Amazing

For example.
If the book was hard to get into and read as well as the genre/themes of the book no interesting me I would rate it as a Pink 1.
But if the book was captivating, thrilling and had genres and themes that interested me I would rate it as a Green 4/5.

I may rate the chosen book between 2 of the options. If I think a book is well written but slow and hard to read I may rate it as a pink/blue book. Or if I found the book interesting but some themes/genres I did not like, I may rate it as a 4/5 and so on.

My rating of a book may not echo your thoughts. If you read my review and think you would like it but I have given it a 1 or 2, it does not mean the book is terrible, it just means that it's not my type of book.


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